O nama
  d.o.o. ani-plast
  24413 Palić
  Horgoški put 109
  Srbija i Crna Gora
  Tel.: +381/(0)24-603-220
  Mob.: +381/(0)63-7056-600

About us

The firm Ani-plast its formed in the year 1994.The activity of this firm is connected with the treating and reuse of the plastic industrial materials. We produce folie from reused basic materials in the bright from 50 to 4000 mm, we also produce polietilene tubes from the size of 1/2 to 2”.

We do the whole workprocess from the planning to producing alone. In cases of necesity we apply external co-workers.

Treating of waste

For the reuse we have various technologies and with the help of theese we treat different types of materials:

  • LDPE
  • HDPE

we are equiped with four grindlines.Besides of this we are equiped with laundries, mixers and with doublesnail extruders.

The extruders produce regranulates in the diameter from 3 to 5 mm:

  • The extrusion of the polietilen regranulates
  • polipropilen regranulates for blow

We pack the regranulates in so called "Big Bag" sacks.


We buy polietilen and polipropilene industrial waste in higher quantities.